by - 2:11 AM

Wah, was back from Compass Point with YiLin. Until now, the stupid rain didn't even stop a bit. I was damn angry!! I have to go home without umbrella and I used that dumb and heavy yellow pages phone book as a shelter. But as I was crossing the road half way, got this DUMB FUXCKER DRIVER WHO DRIVES THIS DUMB ARSE HOLE LORRY LIKE CAR and DRIVE SO DAMN FUXCKER SLOW AND MAKE ME STAND UNDER THE DAMN RAIN SO LONG AND MAKE MY SHIRT AND BAG AND EAR PIECE AND HANDPHONE WET!!!!! CHEE BAI!!

Then he still can the ji to turn and laugh and stared at me in a funny way. I was stunted, but then I was damn angry, then I was under the rain, middle of the road and yelling CHEEBAI. Arse hole!!! >< !!!

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