Angelus Is Back!

by - 4:56 AM


Once again, famous Angelus is back again! Miss me, don't cha? I'm totally happy that exams are offically over. Thank you for supporting me and reading my blog for this past few years.

Great, today's oral, to me is normal 'cause I talk what I wanna talk and crap as much as I can, althought I took lesser time than normal people does. Does that mean I did not crap that much? Haha, maybe to that teacher, Mrs Pang are you, I can sort into the most horrible oral students, but nah, I don't really care. To me, I am the greatest as I can be.

Haha, today is another joker day. I knew that there are something free in the world, well of cause, other than free lunch(: Saw Monkey this morning as I was on the way to school, taking MRT again-, then he asked me if I wanna ride on. Ha, at least I thought he was just pulling my leg. Well, who knows? By the end of the day, I got a free ride. He kept going for the dangerous stuff, stupid master x.x Keep on going round and round.. baakkaaa~

And I reached school, I was like totally shaking, I mean my hands and legs only. Why? Cause I stand up and I wasted my breakfast, which he thought I wwas saying 'Zao Can Bai Chi' (Breakfast = idiot) Hahas.

And when I saw Jeslyn and Vidya, they asked me how I came to school. I told them by bike? Then they said they saw me fly by?? In their bus83. Hahas. Cute.

My skin is totally loved by me xDD

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