A Day At Suntec

by - 8:53 PM

Sry people, this few days been going out with Joey, Din, Theo and Shiki x.x So I have no time to blog.

Yesterday went out too with them to Suntec. Jeslyn wanna go with us, but was caught by her parents, so she got to go home with them. Then Joey was totally not happy, so she pointed middle finger at Jeslyn's mum.

We saw Mrs Lim AKA Old Chicken on the train as well. Lucky, she did not asked us too much questions. She dropped off at Chinatown.

We went to Suntec, Otaku's House and try on some outfits. Joey went to try hell girl, Din went try Kakashi and I went try VK school uni. I wanna try the nioght class, but they said they only got 'S' for day class only, so bad x.x

That skirt really got some problem, IT WAS TOO SHORT!! Make me keep on 'Zao Keng'-ING. Pissed me off only x.x

Then Shiki and Theo went and find us 'round 6plus. Make us suffer for hour waiting for them in VK day class uni ==

Went to eat at Mac and talk alot of craps and went to find baby powder for Joey. But didn't find it. Then we went play piano and went home 'round 10.30PM plus xDD

Oh, I gotta meet Mr Piyuyu now at school, oh great, oh great!! Got to go peepo!! xDD See yoo!!

P/s I brought a hitman reborn birdy yesterday and it's so kawaii!! xDD Joey got one too!!

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