by - 12:57 AM

Haiis, I told you, I am going to fail my stupid freaking ENGLISH!!! Damn it!! Stupid summary, wrote 193 words instead of ... 150? haiis.. overshoot alot. So I guess this time I am really doomed. Stupid MrTan, why must he collect that dumb paper so damn fast?!?! Stupid!! That's so totally unfair for me! Hate you siala!! Damn youx!!

After school stayed back with Brendon, YiLin, Joey and NgeeFeng. NgeeFeng went home so fast.. Then after that Joey took YiLin's Dad's car to Giant. Haiis.. Stayed for awhile then we went home too..

Haiis.. I went change my blog link cause too many people come my FAMOUS BLOG to write. Stupid, I find a hard time to make only SOME people to read but some just so pro that can searched high and low for my blog xDD watashi wa honto ni touchhedd deep right into my heart xDD

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