Japan Matsuri xDD

by - 11:32 PM

Yesterday went to Central there to attend cosplay event as Lenalee Version, which I think, sucks way too much already. But at least I got improved, right? Here are some pics xDD

I took some pics, but they are in Joey's phone. And my phone got one, but very blur .. And is the 1st one. The rest is by some other people which I got from sgcafe and sgclub. And, damn! My picture is inside too!! I totally o.0 look so buang!! Damn it!! Hahas.

The Decro Girls xDD I like!

I know her, and she sure look like a modal xDD
Buang ME!!
Ayu looked shuai in this picture xDD

Ohh... Me again.. x.x

YukiHoshi is inside worhs, ~yuuki~ . xDD
Damn, my socks too low le!! T^T

That guy again x.x
Pros! Hahas.
Is he going toilet or what? Cute! Lols .
Buang me again!!

The 'Not happy sibo?!' Look . xDD
Lavi's face abit extra x.x
The Chibi Gang xDD
PeiHua so cute and chio lo xDD
Me again x.x
Haha, that's all for the pics, if you want more, go sgcafe or sgclub and take yourself then xDD

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