Some Results Are Out; Spammers = No Lifers

by - 5:35 AM

Wow, I finally got back my marks . Some I am happy and like some, I am not. Maths is damn a disappointment, while I can say althought it still sucks, I got B3 for my chinese which the teacher said the highest is a A2 by kaiteck and those good ones are in B3 and normal are below.

I should have study way much more. Althought I did little mistakes in letter writing and compo. My 'Yi Qie Wan Mei', lucky did not minus any marks off, althought is very funny indeed.

And I found out that spammers really have no life and live a boring life. Don't have a goal in their life, only want to spam and spam and spam into other people's life. Why? Cause they got nothing to do? Hahas. I stopped doing that already as I think is selfish and useless to do that. You think you can make a very BIG IMPACT on my life? Hahas. I mean, really, why not go do something more better, like go home study or get back your results and go emo at a corner? Go better still, go home and sleep. I think I prefer go work better. Can earn money at the same time.

But I don't think anyone can stand the standing for the whole day, legs so tired, mouth so dry by all the greetings and oreders and more stuffs. I think I totally don't think that those people who just keep saying they wanna work and never find a job, instead went to ask their parents for more money to spent. They just don't know how to think yet.

Anyway, why I leave the spamming topic and talk about work instead. Haahas. So, I think I don't really care about spammers. I mean, spammers only know how to complain, and you think about it yourself, got a lot of people who hate you are all out there, right? This is really for all the spammers, don't think too highly of yourself(like that kanda is my love and say people can't cosplay kanda that well when he/she didn't even cosplay before.). So, that's about it.

Time for dinner xDD

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