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Sorry, yesterday was talking about the spamming things that I did not post what I actually wanna posted.

This few days happened alot of things and I'm so have no words to tell it.

19Oct Sunday
When out with Joey, Din, Shiki and Theo to Pan-In-The-Box. Joey went to try hell girl again. This time is better she say is comfortable. I don't wanna try the Night Class Vampire Knight then Joey they all insisted then I try loh. I looked big in the 'S'. Should have asked for 'XS' then. Hahas.
Then went to Hougang Mall and went to the super hot TimeZone. I went play the PercussionFreak and failed. I then found out that it is the newest version and that's why I find it hard to find the songs. Then I failed I also don't know why. Theo is pro in it >w<>

20Oct Monday
Went to KBox at PayarLeyba there. Played in the Arcarde and I finally played my PercussionFreak xDD happyhappy. Still, I am not bad xDD
Brendon came around 9.30PM, so we went in K quite late. Hahas. Reach home about going to 1PM already.

I got some shocking news that can kill someone, including me and you. But I don't wanna kill you, so I don't write it down. Two person at the same time, what crap is this?! And I don't know to hate 'this' guy or not. So damn confuse. And another fucker keep sms-ING me. Pissing me off x.x

Oh, got to go meet Joey already. See ya!

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