by - 6:55 PM

What an freaking day, I was woken up by my DaJie who can't find her stupid ribbon for her clothes. Damn, can't you just wear any other clothing? Like this is your only one.

I am kinda still very pissed off about that thing too. Has, but I did not mention the name, so no one really knows who. I can deny or admit any nonsense I want to now, so crappie.

What a boring day.. later going out with Joey Hime to buy a 'Princess' hoody for both of us, look so damn kawaii, can? Hahas. I need to go return my lenalee version3 soon, maybe sat. I really need to confirm that the sat event is for REAL cosplay or not. Is it just some stupid crap event to ask us to bait people or what? I am totally confuse. Whatever.

When is these days going to end? *silently hoping world can end soon* But who knows? I got a feeling is at 2010, but the Internet says is 2012. What's the point? It'll still end, right? Just the time, seeing when the world ended can save people from misery or taken their joy off. Hahas. So Chim right? I bet your just don't understand :P

Well, whatever. Gotta go watch anime and hot shot before Joey called to ask me out again. Can someone or just any kind souls kindly remind me to download, no, better still, send to me the songs, I want all the high school musical 1, 2, 3 songs. And Click 5's Kidnap my heart, Pop version. I got the Rock Version already. I want the pop version as they sang it like gays, no offence, but cute too :D

Seeya, pips! :D

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