What A Sad And Pissed Off Day

by - 7:41 AM

Hello again. I am so damn sad today, really. Next year we are not in the class again and we are really so sad. Alot of us cried. Kelly was the first, then went Brendon and more. We are like so sad too. Jeslyn and I was like trying to cheer Brendon up at first, but in the end, when we saw many people crying, a second later, Jeslyn was like crying too. I tried to hold back my tears but dropped a few. I'm so sad to leave this class, althought we hate, scold and show attitude to one and another and stuff, but still, I like this class. I don't wanna mix with some other class. I feel so sad today. Alot of us, almost half of the class cried? Shahid, Vidya and more cried. I'm so really sad too.

After school ended, YiLin, Ruwaidah, Joey and me stayed back in the classroom to take photos. It's all in Joey and Ruwaidan's handphone as mine don't have space and my cam sucks, that I have to admit :D

Went to CompassPoint and saw Viyda and Jeslyn leaving in bus83 and waved. We went KFC to eat after that and saw Marcus and later ZhiFeng joined in. Then we girls went walked walked and guess who we saw? Ms Anne Lim. She talked to us and asked us to go home early. Ruwaidah went home after that, while me and Joey stayed behind.

Joey went to call Theo and Shiki to come down Compass and they made us damn pissed off. We waited them for about 3hours or more. Finally they came and is around 8PM already.. Baka! I then now just reached home x.x Then went to LongJohn and eat. WTF! The fucking manager very fucking noisy. She can suck my toes. What fucking problem wrong with her?

Went folded alot of hearts and coloured one of them and kena the fucking messed the table with ink all over and that fucker maanager went to complain me, my name to Fame. Like, my fault ar? Fucker.

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