Yesterday and Today

by - 9:09 PM

Yesterday went back to school althought is a school holiday. But still, I went to see Mr Piyuyu to talk about my future cosplay club in school. So went back with Brendon. Talked about alot of things connected to cosplay and stuffs, while Brendon wrote them down.

Then when I reach home, Joey asked me if I can go out with her, Shiki, Din and Theo to TM. I wanted to, but as you can see, I been out for so many days till late at night near midnight or so. So, that's why my mum don't let me go out.

Today actually wanted to go out, but Joey said she can't and I don't wanna go out alone with the guys like her yesterday. So I guess I have to wait for tomorrow then.

Watching finish soon Vampire Knight and I'm all set to going watch VKG soon xDD

Today Brendon called me to tell me that he had finish with MS and is ready for playing. I am so happy xDDD you know, I always wanna play. But still.. got to work it how to make mother let me play and stuffs. Gotta try.

So, that's about it xDD

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