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Yo! Back again. Yesterday went to White Sand there to the Acrade there, XZone. It's so 'cheap'. Damn it. Was with Joey, Brendon and Donovan. Then Theo sms-edd to Joey saying they coming too. I am like giving the 'what the fuck?!?' look. Hahas.

Went to play Percussion Freak 10th Mix and DDR. The ddr really sucks. Don't have the songs I want. Even the famous 'Butterfly' also don't have. Only got 'Candy'.

Not bad for me, I can pass 'Believe in Love' well now xDD . I'm now trying to train the 'Merry-Go-A-round' thingy the song. Hopeful can pass. Am I dumb or what?! Advance failed and I went to try Extreme. Baka me.

Then went to take Neoprints. Brendon and Donovan paid :D Too bad, I don't have scaner, so I can't upload. Hope Joey can. My actions are very .. werid? Hahas.

Then Shiki, Din and Theo came. I thought it was suppose to be only the 2Baqus only? Saded. Nevermindd then.

Then I lean on Donovan cause I very tired, then Joey said Shiki saw oO . Hahs, wtf?!? Hahas. Joey said what he give what the 'don't-do-this-to-me' look. Hahas.

We saw a little boy that me and Brendon think that he got the potential to be a very good drummer when he grow up. Hahas, so cute!

It was only they told me that it was 8.30PM at night then I started to believe. I am like, giving Brendon, Joey and Donovan the 'WTF!?' look. Hahas, so funny.

Went to eat at food court then Ruwaidah called saying she wanna come. Once she came, I must go home already. My sister and mother giving me problems. Said what I very rude, wanted to stay longer cannot ask myself or what. Maing me pissed off. Son of the bitches. Fuckers. Hahas.

Then went home and sms-edd to Shiki and Joey. Hahas, what a boring day x.x!

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hime : thanks!
wanyi: yup, you too! xDD i dont wanna bet with yoo!! xPP
winona : gomenaii, nee-san!! and yup, she saw Shiki
steph : so you not miss me? T.T woots! alvis worhs~ hahas.

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