11NOV - 14NOV

by - 7:01 PM


I went to school for Choir and to appeal to get POA. Then after that went out with Donovan, Chin Yong and Joey to DBG, intended to catch a movie, but in the end, the movies are not our cup of tea and I only wanted to watch 'The Coffin' that time. And Chin Yong said he will pee in his pants if he watch it. Hahas.

Then went to eat Pizza Hut. Actually wanted to eat Ajisen, but Joey make alot of noises in Ajisen, like yelling the price is too expensive or what, so in the end, we xia sway got ourselves out of Ajisen, eatting nothing. I feel that the price for Ajisen and Pizza Hut is almost the same and it's seriously not cheap. And I don't feel that it can full your stomach. I rather prefer Ajisen, which is totally fully bloated you up instead of some stupid Pizzas that do no help to fulling up your empty stomach. Seriously, I don't like Pizza Hut's food, only the ice-cream and cake, but it's too expensive. I don't like to eat there. I think Ajisen is way better.

Then Joey promised me to treat me eat Ajisen. Haha. Let's see .. :D


I did not go out. I'm waiting and waiting and waiting and got me all bored for my new TV. LG's flat screen. Full HD. Not bad, right? Lucky me :D And I found out that the school made a VERY BIG MISTAKE for the subjects comb. I got POA :D Duh, see me so pro, of cause got POA. But I got into 3B. I wanna go some nice good class with nice good classmates, right? Never mind.


I went out to DBG again. This time went with Chin Yong and Donovan only. When to watch Madagascar 2. That freaking show was like so funny and touching too. I love the Penguins, so cute and funny.
'Who says Penguins can't fly?' :D

Then Shiki sms-ed me that he came out of hospital. And we saw them at DBG. Then in the end, fucking Chin Yong and Donovan PangSeh me and left me alone with Din, Shiki and Theo. Bakabaka si x.x

Then finally got freeed from them and went to Compass Point, but in the end, I found out they followed me back to Compass. Never mind. Hahas. Then meet Donovan at Compass Point's TimeZone. Intended to play House Of Dead 4. But since we did not have the amount to play and they followed me here, and I don't got the feeling to play. Hahas. Then went home. Cause I also can't find them and I need to go home and eat my LATE dinner.


I stayed at home and watch TV the whole day. I'm glad to have new TV. I'm so happy. Although it's quite boring, hahas.

That's all. - :D

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