15NOV - 17NOV

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Went to Changi Airport with my mum. Stupid people says that you can see pretty airplanes at night, but what we saw was our reflection. Stupid. Then we went to eat swensen at T2. Then we walked walked around T3, then went to T2, then lastly went to T1 to took 27 home. I think T2 and T3 is much more quieter. And my mum says she let me stay over night with my friends at Changi Airport. That's so great. There's internet access there and it's so peaceful at there and there's a stright bus home. That's wonderful. Haha. But who can stay over night there, except me? oO haha. Never mind then. Sad. Hahas.
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Went to Compass Point with Jeslyn, Donovan, Chin Yong and Marcus. The Channel 5, Don't Forget The Lyrics, came and let people win prizes. Then after that, we went to TimeZone to play, intented to play House Of Dead 4, but the stupid guns were spoilt, again. Then we went to play another gun game instead.

After that, the stupid boys pangseh us at B1 Compass, again. And they went off to Marcus Tee's house. Me and Jeslyn went to find Brendon and dis-siao him abit. And I went to buy Mee Sua and went home. So boring.


Went to Choir at Coral Sec, and I think is a waste of time. Hahas. Then to E!hub to find Brendon, Chin Yong, Marcus and Donovan. Jeslyn and Ruwaidah came along. Then in the end, Marcus and Chin Yong went home first. After that was Ruwaidah and Jeslyn's turn. After that, we called Din to come, but in the end we went to watch 'The Coffin'. Finally!! But, it was lame, me and Brendon was like laughing and talking all the way. I found someone who is more pissing arse off than me while watching moive. It was Brendon. He can talk all the way :D
We throw alot of popcorns behind during the scary parts, which to me, was totally funny, instead of scary. Hahas.

Then went to find Din and went to WhiteSand to eat dinner. Then Din went missing and appear 3 hours later, after we eaten our dinner. Hahas. Then we went home. Brendon and Donovan intented to come over my house's void deck to play cards, but in the end, my mother don't let me out of my house then too bad. I still think that Brendon is still piss off with me .

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