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After Campus, me and Jeslyn went to take 74. And we got into the wrong way bus and it took us to Commonwealth and Dover and whatever.

Then we took the right bus back again. Waste our time. Then I meet Brendon and Donovan at Hougang Mall to eat at LJS. Then I went home to get change into causal. I don't wanna wear school uniform out and walk, esp on Sundays. Hahas.

Then went to Marcus Tee's house for fun and slack. Then his mum bring us to Compass to eat Sakae Sushi. And Monkey, I mean my great great (evil) master meet up with me and show off his baka hair to me. Hahas.

Then we went in and eat and say byebye to my master, who went missing till the next season then come back(AHA!). Then Joey called me and told me that Shiki went into the hospital. I 'huh?!' too loudly and people all staring at me and Brendon kept saying I talked too loudly. Whatever.

I called him and he said he just wokeup? That's fast for a 'COMA'? Is faint, next time say properly, Joey. But not her fault, she just read the message out to me.

Then went to B1 TimeZone to play. Then I wanted to play 'house4' but sadly, the stupid guns are spoilt. Stupid. Then we play the stupid basketball that the WhiteSand Ah Ma can played better than us. We're owedd by her. She's a pro, really. Then went home after going Mos and Mac for they wanna buy drinks and I went home as my mum don't let me stay out too late and so I can't meet with Jeslyn.

That's all.

I'll post the pictures on the next post. Seeya.

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