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Well, I'm back to blog again!

Friday went out to Bugis with Joey. Was waiting for Theo and Shiki. They are ever slow. Even Din who decided to join us later on, reached earlier than them. Well, we are like waiting for hours, so we kinda pissed off and it was a super hot day that day. I got heatstroke too. Can't help, right? We like only shown them a little bit of pissed of look and plus, I can't help it too, right? My shoe was chewed, nah, it was spoilt and Din went to step it too. Pissing me off only.

Then we went to TM with Joey as she insisted to buy her hoody(don't blame me, that's my way of spelling it xP) and it was super nice-looking. So jealous.

And then went to WhiteSand with Din and Joey as Joey said she wanna go eat there and she wanna go buy the INK bag I saw at bugis. Then we walked too rush, then Theo and Shiki can't find us. Got angry with us, then they walked off to PS. I got stomach pain, so I don't really wanna care much, just wanted food to eat before I almost faint.

Sat went to .. Haru and returned my lenalee version 3 and a girl took my new lenalee version 3's belt too. Then now, no more belt, sad. Then went to find Theo and Shiki. Good thing in the end they not that pissed off already. But I can't help to think, they lated we also didn't really said anything, did we? Then .. nevermindd then.

Then went to Heeren to eat. Then we saw Agnes and Guo Hao. They two looked like stead :D Maybe they do STEAD. Hahas, hurry people, tell people now!! :D

Then we saw some cosplayers. I like the Sakura from tsubasa and a lady with a kawaii dollfie :D Looked just like her ^^

Then went to Suntec there, wanting to take photoshoot. But at night, nothing to take and we really do need a good cam. Then we slacked there for awhile. Played with Shiki's PSP ^^ Then kena biten by insects and now still ichy and pain. Then Theo was gone and we went looked for him and I got bully by Din and his cam. I looked very funny, wearing only the lenalee's bottom, not the top. Look like cheerleader?!? Hahas .

Then we went home. I go home myself, cause everyone not same line as me. Sad. Joey and Din went take green line home. Then I went home at around going 12A.M . Joey said she got scolded in the middle of the street. I remember I more worst, kena slapped and scolded in the middle of the acarade and people stopped playing and look at 'good' show. WTF! Damn it. What's wrong going to TimeZone anyway? Hahas .

Then Shiki and Theo was chatting, I wanted to call. Call then no one pick up then I too tired and fell asleep, in the early morning, 'round 2plus. That's all.

p/s my mum told me she not going out with me tomorrow to eat ice-cream, so sad. Damn it. Dua me T^T. I feel like going out tomorrow and wanna watch 'The Coffin'!!! :D

p/s/s I think totally is my fault. Cause I broke the banndd and always said that if your friend and you shares a same thing or have the same type of things together and if one spoilt, bad things will happen, like fights and stuffs. On that day it broke, my blue bandd, I totally got a very bad feeling about it. And then Theo and Shiki got pissed off with me and Joey. I think totally is my fault..

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