Big News and What happen yesterday?

by - 7:32 PM

I'm back again. Big news to tell everyone. My handphone is officially spoilt on 18NOV at night. Shyt your mother. Gotta buy a very very very cheap handphone, which MUST include cam and can listen to music. MUST be first-handed!! Any lobang must tell me, okay? Unless you wanna change phone or you have one that you don't want it anymore, don't mind giving it to me? :D
Or maybe buying from Brendon's mother? I need a phone!! Despo for a phone :D
And my house phone is soon going to cut off. Haha, soon you all will lose contact with me :D
So, anyone that sms-edd to me, sorry, can't reply to you. My ppc also no money to reply :D

Yesterday went out with Jeslyn, Joey, Donovan and Brendon. I brought Brendon to Pan-In-The-Box as he wanna check something. Then we went to DBG to find Theo and Shiki and I went to Haru to collect my badge. My belt is with Haru still. Can't make it for AFA, but EOY can. Then I went to Compass Point with Joey, Brendon and Donovan to eat LJS and we make alot of noise. Joey was yelling at top of her voice. x.x Then I went ask Fame if I can work there again, then she said she'll think about it. But mostly I don't think she'll let, she even say I'm noisy. Stupid! Hahas.

I'm still having a bad headache now :( poor me x.x T.T

tatas~! :D

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