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by - 3:59 AM

I'm so bored right now . Currently loading my Kuroshitsuji Ep 2 and Vampire Knight Guilty that I watched halfway just now, having it to reload just pissing me off, but nevermind, hearing that Kaname finally biten Yuuki awake already, I'm looking forward to watch that. Hahas.

Just yesterday, I went back to Changi Airport. To do what? Of cause to use computer. If you read my yesterday's post, you'll know and of cause, I spent more time logging in and out instead. Never mind, who cares? Right now, I'm really so bored and I really want some entertainment, but not spamming, thank you. Really, spamming are so not my type, unless I say I do spam, good things to people, like my friends. Well, bad things? Nah, I won't, although I used to. But thinking for a moment and I thought, why bother to spam people? That's why more and more people in Singapore, esp teens, got depression. Scared going to school? Must be schoolmates or classmates who did that. Scared of tution? Must be tution friends. Scared of cosplay? Must be from cosplayers. But thinking, I was a spammer and I was and am a victim, I'm so tired of this.

To a lighter topics, I got my subject combi and I'm really looking forward to going to buy books. I know one thing, I'm doomed. Why? I'm happy I got into 3A, but I know that going to a better class means I have less time to do what I like to do and cosplay and my school's cosplay club already. But since I started the idea of that club, I gotta do it, and even Mr Tan also like that idea. I guess next year must be a busy year. And I don't get to be with my girlfriends already. I gotta buck up and really study hard and stop thinking of lame stuffs and hopefully I don't get myself into anymore troubles. Like friendship stuffs or cosplay conflicts, is that how you spell it? And hopefully my mum and sister still let me use my computer. Locking my computer is the last thing I wanna them to do and I'm sure my mum will sure mention it out a week or two before the school reopen. But they already have time limits to my computer and blocked all games download. If they really locked everything, I'll die.

Stress, stress and more stress.. If next year I can't even use computer or to even online msn and blog, I'll sure die! And hopefully I can get to watch animes too. But if I have time, that means I'll watch animes more slowly than now, which is already damn slow. I just hope not..

Anyways, I really wanna dye my hair!! Brendon insisted on me dye-ing it purple as he said I'm cosplaying lenalee and I'm suppose to make my hair colour look like, but siao, I looked like a looney if I really dye my hair that! And I saw some lenalee cosplayers that cosplay with black colour hair too, although I can't remember who and even if I know, hello, that was before I was in cosplay zone and it was when.. cosfest 08? Long time ago event.. Anyway, I still think they looked like lenalee even the hair colour is not. I think the shape is more important than the colour? So I'm so going to cut my hair again, as this time, I really think my hair grows and it grows too fast already, gotta cut my bangs as it doesn't look like one already and cut my back hair shorter abit too?

So.. back to the topic.. what colour should I dye? But I don't want those that really can caught by teachers. My school teachers some are really blind mice, hahas. Brown? I like white!! See Zero, Allen and the Sky Of Love that cute guy too^^ Talking about them makes me so happy right now~! Hahas. So .. what colour?!?! Any ideas anyone? Hahas ..

And Brendon said he's coming over to make Bleach cos with me^^ EOY doing to do Bleach? Or still Lenalee? I really wanna do a better lenalee this time. And Bleach character I scared I don't know how to pose? And I'm still a newbie, can?? (:

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