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Oops! Many people keep asking me to update my blog, so here it is! :D

Well, this few days really sucks. Cause my ErJie locked my computer and I really rot at home, sucks. Then Monday was watching TV, Zhong Ji Yi Ban, halfway then who knows, the TV exploded. Like totally not what I expected, can? That's why people said, next time, expect the unexpected. That's totally making no sense, but who cares.

Then I can't really do anything, only rot at home and do totally nothing. Sucks. Then I also can't use the phone for the whole day, right? My mum nags, you know.

Then wanted to ask Joey out, then she kept saying her mother don't let and she don't feel like meeting Theo they all. Then Imma so freaking bored and rotting at home.

Uh huh, then untill now, for this past few days, I'm like rotting like a totally arse hole at home. I wanted to watch 'The Coffin', but Joey don't wanna watch. Then I also have no choice. Finally I can blog today. Then I'm not sure I meeting with Theo they all later or not, cause Joey not going with me. And Theo is calling me now. Great! So, what now? Sucks!!!! Whatever. I totally not know what to do now.

Nevermind, Tuesday went to Maths remedial and choir. Was late for both. Joey woke up late and I have to wait for her, so in the end, I'm late too. Really thank you, Joey. Then after maths, went to SPC to eat and Mr Lee saw me and said I was late again. First time was late with Winona, this time was late with Joey. I wonder who I'll be late with? Suck, stupid Mr Lee said that if next time anyone of us is late, he'll fine us $1/min . That arse hole freak, but nevermind, I can whack him upside down, inside out :D

Then, actutally wanted to go to Theo they all's school to see see and to invade their school, don't worry, just kidding. But in the end went with Joey to her clinic there but was too late and in the end we did not meet them as Joey don't feel like and in the end went to meet Chiao Boon and then went to the library and borrowed some boobs, nahh, I mean books to read. But I was too lazy to read now. So I rot at home the whole day for Wednesday, without using the computer and no TV to watch and I hate it. I pranked on NgeeFeng too xDD

I actually can go out, but it's just that no one can go out with me, so it makes me so freaking bored and pissed off. So Imma still kinda pissed off now too. Then now I'm still thinking whether if I am going to meet Theo they all without Joey or rot at home?

This is really sucks.

Replied To you guys! :D

WanYi : It's nice to see you're fine again and yep, no monehh for ppc, you buy one for me? :D
akaritsu : Oh god!! How did you found out?! :D
Winnie : Thanks!
N0rik0 : Nevermindd, thanks anyways :D
Joey : But in the end still never, right? And is borrow monehh, so I don't want it.
Din : Don't you knock my head!! Yep, you did bully me xP Sorry about your blog and tagboard too, my sister locked my computer, so I can't use. SORRY!! T~T
polin : baobeii~!! yepyep, will meetup soon de T~T miss you sia! hahas .
Donovan : really that long mehh? so-so luhh x.x

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