Stupid Place with Stupid Peepo? Oo

by - 4:31 AM

Lalalas, currently at Changi Airport now with Brendon, Din, Theo and Shiki. So boredd. Brendon and I brought the stupid cloth already. Hahas. So bored right now. Stupid, every 10mins gotta restart the stupid computer, so lousy. Hahas.

Prince ah Prince, are you being sarcastic?Anyway, hopefully this type got spamming got stop. It's so boring and tiring. And .. nevermind, better to shut up and let time heals or settles everything. Haha.

I'm still at Airport now. So boring right now. I can't even watch animes using this stupid computer, so laggy .. and I can't even find the stupid speakers. Aha! Haha, still can't find.. x.x

Now Mac is playing 'Di Si Te Bi Ya' Hahas. By Jeslyn and the MTV by Brendon .. he don't let me write his name.. haha^^ But I'm pro, right?

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