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Yes, I'm back.
Sorry, only went update my another blog only(:
That's so only for people who are NOT spamming mio blog.
Yesyes, I know you guys are just in love to stalk mio blog.

So here's to let you stalk.


Argued with my mum. I wanted to go back school to buy books. Then she insisted me to go there first and then come back and bath. But I went to bath first. Then she in the end argued with me that I should go first and I was wasting time. But I still think I'm not wrong. I don't wanna go out stinky and all this. And even if I can there after I took a bath, there's still time. But she aruged with me and in the end she just refused to give me money to buy books. So in the end, I didn't go and buy. I think she's simply wasting my time. And I'm not wrong at all.

Happy Birthday to Janessa, although I didn't call to wish you happy birthday, but I wrote it here and you just can't use internet, so forget it.


Went out to meet Joey and Brendon early in the morning and went to slack at Hougang Mall. Then after that went to Kovan as Joey wanted to take her money back from Ah Boon. Then Jia Hong run away. Stupid, say wanna give money to Joey then he run away. Stupid. If don't wanna give then say, waste my time. Mio time is damn golden, can?

Then went to FarEast to get extention again. Hahas. Then while waiting, we go Haru to take my belt. Stupid, they haven't arrived my belt yet. And ~Yuuki~'s wig. I'm like WTH?!? They borrowed me the last time that belt I took for photoshoot. But I was like .. Okhays, fine then. Got my extention. Then went to change into Lenalee again. Finally got into my contact len with a help of a pro lady. THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU! Then she told me that I can go scold that man for tearing my contact lens. I intent to, but Brendon was like.. 'so long ago le, don't go la, stupid.' Fine then. Too bad. But I'll never buy contact from that shop again. Will paste the address here soon. Beware!!(:

Then went to Expo. Stupid! EOY was about to end with I reached. I thought it'll end like about 9pm, like AFA. But it ended so fast. 5pm people are like going off. 6pm really ended. 4pm people are like changing out their outfits already. Noriko is like damn pro, got into 3outfits. Pro!(: I wanna see Shayne cosplay Kanda, then he change out before I reached. Stupid!! Hahas. In the end, I didn't buy tickets to go in. I stayed outside. Hahas.

Saw Gerard, he really DO look like a Neko Oo Hahas. And Jasmine is like damn cute and chio, can? Hahs. Then after EOY we went to DBG. And then Joey's mum called me and kup and phone 2times. My 60cent!! LOLS.

Then Joey send a breakup sms to Theo and they like talk so long alone, yes both of them. Then in the end never break. Then we went home.


Gerard sms-edd me to ask me to meet him at Suntec City. I went with Brendon. Then we reach there and we found out that he's drunk, which he insisted that he's not. He keep saying he's high, not drunk. LOL!

Then we went to DBG after that. Gerard asked me to accompany him play DDR. Then after that I went play Percussion <3 LOL. Then got this guy that borrowed the sticks and keep don't wanna return and let mio play like that. Stupid! Then in the end waited for so long then can play. Dumb! Then in the end I late to go home. And I kena grounded by my mum. Great! LOL!

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