by - 4:56 AM

Yesterday went back to school to buy books. Wasted that trip. As I brought all the wrong books. Stupid me! Then went to Hougang Mall to buy school shoes. Like I went to buy back those same kind of shoes again. Whatever. Hope it tears soon then I can go buy those type which is pinkish in colour type. So Kawaii~

Then after that went to DBG with Brendon to meet with Gerard, and again Ah Di insisted that he was not drunk. Although he did look better than the day before. Hahas. 5% of beer can like that? Pro. I just thinking my sister went drink 56% type. Oo Pro Sister pro!

Then went to eat at Ajisen. My 14bucks all gone!! Then went home. So boredd. Paiseh, promised Gerard to go home at 5pm, but was hungry(: Reach home around 7pm. At least my mother didn't scold me, hahas!

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