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Sorry, this few days can't really online, so can't help it(:
And sorry, can't upload pics yet, cause Brendon still haven't pass me my USB yet.
So here it goes.. (:


I went out with Joey to Haru to collect my belt, I mean a temp belt which is now not mine already(: HAHA! Then went to Pan to meet with Theo, Shiki and Din. Saw someone that wasn't in my mind at all. Then Joey went pissed off in angry and stuffs and blah blah blah .. I wasn't really that pissed with 'her', cause I think she didn't yet do anything thing to me bahs.. Joey was like..


Then we went to Coffee Bean to eat lunch(: One Cake and One Mocha. Then in the end, Theo, Shiki and Din said they going to PS and 'she' going home, so we said we take MRT to go PS instead of bus. Then we like .. waited for 6hours? Hahs. I hate waiting for people now. Broke the 3hours record by half more, that's cool! Then.. at least we sms-ed to Gerard to come DBG and we have a nice chat with him at a roadside, which many cars and a huge lorry went pass us! oO Then in the end when we are going to left, they arrived and I didn't say a thing and leave. Joey stayed there for awhile as she wanna Din to accompany her home. What a boring day~


I woke up super early. Went to use computer. Then found out that photoshoot time is meet at 10PM, so the post that I intent to do finish was not, sorry. Then hurry hurry to somewhere first, then to Raffles Place to meet them. Then on the way, they asked me to go Pan, then no, go RP, then no, go Pan. So in the end, I over shot and was at Pan, when they told me it's ok, and asked me to go to RP. Super pissed, not really (:

Then we went to have lunch, in which me and Risa didn't. Jade spent all her money on food already(:

Then we walk to some places to take photos. Then we like so enjoy ourselves. At first I was like so not talking, not then in the end, everyone was like chatting(: Shayne went off first, and baka Kanda forget to take his mugen too x.x HAHA!

Then went to Haru after the shoot was over. Then I saw Noriko and Ace, so I chatted awhile with them. Then I found out some OMFG, UNBELIEVABLE SHOCKING AGING NEWS! Hahas!

Then went to DBG. On my way there, I found out that I lost a button, my DGM button, I was like so sad ): At least Haru got sell it! ^^ 1 for 3bucks T.T Haha! Blame me to lost it!! ):

Then went to DBG Kopi Roti to meet with Gerard. Saw his stead, super chio sia~ ^^ Then went to buy food and eat. Then Gerard, Leon and Bryan went into a topic of yellow jokes. I was like almost can't finish my food. Oo HAHA!

So, if you wanna to make a wish(: *evil intention showing* wish for a world instead(:
I don't think you got what I mean? (:

Then Gerard wear his Neko ears to accompany me(: Thanks! (:

Anyway, do ice-cream taste like GOLD? I don't think so. (:

Another joke, Bryan went to buy a disposable toilet seat as he thought it was tissue paper... HAHA!

Then went to Zone X. The link way is finally done! (: YES! I don't need to cross the freaking road already~ ^^
Then saw Brendon. He pissed off as he saw someone he don't wanna see. Then I went in Zone X also.. Can't really say.. but my action was like ... oO cause I saw Theo and Shiki. I thought they won't be there. Hahas.

Then went to the arcade that is next to GV. Then I was like stunt tio, cause I saw how Bryan played the drums.. like so OMFG!! Almost all perfect!!! Pro! Hahas.

Then it's almost going 10PM already. Then I can't find Gerard so I sms-edd him to tell him I gotta go and went home.

Went to CompassPoint, steal Brendon's coffee before going home(: HAHA! That's all (:


Stayed at home, doing nothing, but only watched ' X Family '. So happy, cause mother is not home, so I can watch the whole day, w/o her nagging and stuffs, and Er Jie was out too! ^^ Great day! Haha! I feel that time passes too fast this year.. don't you think?


Went to temple to praypray with Er Jie. She going there to 'Xie Tai Sui'. I went to pray that I hope next year don't kena Ms Anne Lim, hahas, just joking. Hope I gotta a decent teacher, not the 'Spirt teacher'. Haha!^^

Then I don't know why, I gotta a bad headache. Almost fainted. And this is real, no joke, ok? Then I went home and watched TV awhile, then I have no idea, I fell asleep on my mother's bed. So tired. I notice that my dark rings are all out..

few days before EOY, can anyone help me? Any help to remove dark rings?!? Imma not cosplaying Panda Jiji!!! HELP!! x.x

Really, Imma doomed! Who's fault that make me can't sleep almost evey night? x.x haiis .. LOLS .

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