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Chat with Amber just a few hours ago. She said she don't wanna go back to the Complain Thread and post already. Chat with her awhile. Maybe you(Theo) should really read this, I don't care if you know my blog or not. But, my god, my blog is well-known, hahas joking, but you better read it.

She said she don't really intent to return you the money and her stuufs? She don't really care. And she changed her school. She hinted you some clues below that you can find her at. Well, not I don't help you or her. I just post it here. I'm just a middle lady. You guys got any problem don't find me, I'm just transfering things word for word here.

Well lastly, hope you two live your life to the fullest and stop being childish over some money which she don't intent to pay, what for you stalk her everyday also no use of it, right?

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P/s To Joey, grats for being Single again, although I know you badly wanna update your blog, but your internet is down. You're lucky now, girl. Jia Hong can really jio your out officially now.

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