Iljimae Is Loved

by - 5:48 AM

Imma totally in Iljimae; 一枝梅. 李准基 is totally hot! Imma so in love with him.



龙儿在一场施莞计划的格斗赛中被打到头,也因着这个冲击让他渐渐想起了儿时的记忆。龙儿回复记忆后,开始积极寻找自己的生母和姐姐。为了复仇他选择当盗贼 -“一枝梅”。
Ijimae is after something, something that he has got to steal. Never will he be caught, not until he gets what he wants. Set during the Joseon Dynasty, Ijimae is of noble birth who lost his father, an official, in a political execution. Having to encounter a series of traumatic events on top of witnessing the brutal death of his father at a tender age, he loses his memory and is later adopted by a village commoner.
With his father’s enemies trailing hot on his tracks years later, bits of Ijimae’s sorrowful memories return. He begins searching for the truth as well as his long-lost mother and sister.
He seeks revenge hence robs the rich, corrupted officials to aid the poor and to find that one thing to prove his father’s wrongful execution.
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