Oh Great!

by - 11:01 PM

Haiis, stupid. Try to clean up my room, but still messy as ever. Can't really help. At least they are inside some pack boxes that looked like I just got fired by boss and pack and is ready to go and leave the company or what. Really, I can't help but think this way too. On the left are my old CDs and books and papers. Center are some Sec 2 books and files and papers again. A unused wallet and poker cards and on the floor, some tarot cards and right side are some of my cosplay 'messy' stuffs. My red tape, my red shoes, and some things that I took on AFA and bags and some unknown stuffs and blah blah blah.. hahas.

Oh great! My mum is so gonna kill me when she see this. Hahas!

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