Rabit's Team DGM Photoshoot Pics

by - 11:03 PM

No Flame-ing or anything. If you wanna flame, go somewhere else.
No photo 'taking'.
Support Copyrighted Stuffs(lame, hahas)
Overall this is my first time in photoshoot and stuffs, people said I was ok, but I think I don't.
I must once stress again, no flame-ing or whatsoever stuffs. Thanks!
My blog, I like what I post, alright?(:
Don't like then press the red button on your computer window top right, thanks!(:
Hahas, promised pics:

The Team!(:

<3 my C.C pose in Lenalee, hahas.

Just playing with the hammer, no flame please.

It's just me and Falljade(:

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