Stupid Mothers

by - 11:05 PM

I'm so bored right now. Hey, I'm so lucky! Ice Princess sms-ed me that she can lend me a extra belt for the photoshoot on Sat. That means I gotta go collect it on Friday. Hey, I'm really lucky. Nevermind, I at first thought I'm doomed cause I can't go for the photoshoot unless I got the belt, cause my first time photoshoot, best not to piak it, right? And I don't wanna anymore spammers already. And then I thought, maybe I just go there see see can already. But luckily, Ice sms-ed me, so that means I can go for the photoshoot! Yeah! I'm so happy! ^^

Stupid mother of mine, everytime when I writing blog that time, she always talks to me, and my talks, mean nag! She just won't understand that I'm busy. She thought I online for fun, peace and laughter when I'm doing serious things and stuffs. Can't she just shut up? Everytime yells at me, so what now this time? Stupid mother, just because it's raining now and my bedroom window is not close, so what? Won't kill you right? Won't die right? It is you who open the window, and you went in the room, can't you just shut up and shut the window yourself? Arse holes, mothers are all like that. Pain in my arse only. See, now I forgotton what I intent to write at the first place. Chee Bai.

And on a better tone, I helped Donovan to edit his blog profile and stuffs already. Brendon always can't do a better job. Always do things halfway only. Like what happen to the Bleach cos, he went MIA and we only done a meaningless belt! And he told me that we can finish it before EOY, like hell can my foot! Nevermind, I'm getting cranly right now over my freaking mother's issue already. I lost all my posting senses already. Damn it! Damn her! And Brendon, where's my handphone USB Cable? Damn it! So pissing me off now. I think my mother just won't stop here, I think she'll continue nagging and more. So I'm not posting already. I stop here. If not I'll get more worst in temple than this. Chee Bai.

Going to watch Vampire Knight, hopefully mother just stop coming and nagging at me and yelling and stuffs, mother can really can't keep their mouth shut, can't they?

... Whatever .

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