Stupid Steading Style

by - 10:36 PM

So long didn't get to blog already. Here's something that I wanna share with you guys while I was talking with Joey just a moment ago.

She was telling me about how some people, esp guys, are a lager in relationship and while some are really auto like nuts. So she was telling me about first month kiss is way too fast. Then say what at least first month started holding hands, then second month start to hugging and so on..

Then I told her something that really laugh our arses inside out.

First month: Holding hands
Second month: Hugging
Third month: Kissing
Fourth month: LC
Fifth month: Go bed(hahas, damn stupid)
Sixth month: Have a baby
Seventh month: Buy baby stuffs and protest to parents
Eighth month: Get ROM
Ninth month: Wedding
Tenth month: Fight with your stead
Eleventh month: Divorced
One year: Kick the baby out
Next year: Find another stead and start this cycle again(:

Sound abit stupid, but was kinda funny. For those who read and wanna take this into serious thinking, anything happens don't blame me(LOL). It's just being funny. Hahas.

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