Yeah! My Belt Is Back!

by - 12:53 AM

Right now, guess where am I again?
.. Wrong.. Wrong.. Correct! (Oopps!)

Yes, I'm so bored at home now. Bored and hungry. Hahas. Soon, I'm going offline again.. I'll be back at Seven. xD

Great! Yes! My belt will be back around 10Dec!! That's so great! I miss you my Lenalee Belt~! I think can make it in time for .. EOY? Yes yes yes, EOY is on the 13Dec, that's mean I can make it! Great! But I thought I'm doing Bleach for EOY? Oo But, if I can't finish my cos in time, then I can still make it with my Lenalee, right? Aha! I'm so clever! Hahas . Nevermindd me, I going to chat with Din and Ran at SgClub le. See ya!

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