First Day

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Let's us welcome some pics for school's first day! FuFu!!

Joey and her buang face as she wanted to go toilet badly x.x

Me and my buang face just playing around in the train x.x

Pepper Lunch's SUCK MY DICK!
Junk Food-looking .

For goodness sake, that's a salmon!!

First day of school was wonderfully bored, supreme bored. Got into new class with new students. Still miss my old class badly, although alot of stupid bad things happen in my old class before. But there's one thing that every class must have, a joker. At least there's a joker in my current class now. Not that worst. If this class doesn't have a joker, I'll wanna go hell. It's just makes the class learning more fun, right?

Then, I knew it, Mrs Hwee is our this year current form teacher, and co-form does not exist anymore. Omg! Mrs Hwee's terror, everyone knows. Check hair, check skirt, check socks everything check and tick. She's really a pro, I must said. Although she check all this and I got caught because of my stupid-now-then-look-like-Lenalee's hair(she wanted me cut or pin it up), but I'm still happy to get her as my teacher. She's a very good English teacher, I must said. (:

Then we got into last year 2A's classroom. Those ex 2A people are happy, but I missed my classroom with Joey lucky got inside and it's just next to our class only!(:
Joey wanted to send note via bluetooth in class as we sit so near. Hopefully we can receive it.

Then Mrs Hwee do all those Admin stuffs and talk alot of this and that. Then we got Donovan as our Chairman! Chairman! Chairman! Donovan, you better do well, all those committees are mostly from ex 2A, so you must make 2B proud! Work hard!(although your hand-writing really sucks!)

Mrs Hwee, knew it, she confirm change our seats, so in the end, unlucky I got to sit next to Brendon, hahas. At least Charmaine is at the back and YiLin infront and Donovan beside my space desk. Cool! At least all the 2Bs are together!(:

Then after that got talks and more talks and break and talks again and it's after school! I clean up all my stuffs in the locker. At least the locker man didn't throw them away. Got Winona's comic and stuffs home. Bleach 22, 25, 26 to sell!! Big sale! Buy 3 free 1 ! Hahas.

Then we went to find teachers to chat with. Ms Chew's baby girl is out!(: She looked so slim right now! Talk to PiYuYu too and Ms Aisha and more.

Then we went to Hougang Mall with Joey and Brendon. Brendon wanted to eat Pepper Lunch, so we went in to eat. I really must complain.. I REALLY HATE PEPPER LUNCH!! IT SUCKS!!(my toes) IT CHEWS MY SHOES!!

We went in to eat and this is my 2nd time in(1st is at Suntec) and BOTH ARE HORRORS OF MY LIFE!

I told Brendon what I wanted to eat and he helped me and Joey go order. Then the food came after like seems hours and we got this FUCKING aunti to sevre us. She's really a Singapore's GanChong Queen, mama. She's keep on pushing the food to us and like her attitude sucks!

Then she got me a wrong food and said is we ordered wrongly. I ordered a Salmon, not Beef! She passed me Beef! And Beef is way cheaper than Salmon! And I told her is wrong then she not happy and said we ordered wrongly and said we must show her the recipe which I'm damn angry about. She upon serving us, she got the recipe and trash it in her pocket. Then she took out all her 'trash' but can't find ours. Then she said she must have empty it. Then she changed her story-line said we must give her the recipe to change and asked us to check where is it and check our bags and stuffs. Who you think you are? Ask me to check my bag? You are the one at fault to empty it and said is me. You can jolly well don't work. I really hate Peper Lunch already and you did this to make me hate it more. Arse hole. Bitch. Then came this another woman worker, wanted to help her friend . I shoot her a What-the-fuck-is-wrong-with-you-people look and she hurry took the tray and went inside the kitchen. That stupid aunti still stand there and nagged at us. I gave her the shutup-and-it's-your-fault look and she walked away. I intented to complain to the manager if they send wrong food to me again. But lucky it didn't.

Stupid aunti, missed out this point, keep telling me what aiya if you can eat Beef then just eat lah and stuffs. I give her the who-can't-eat-beef-i-can-but-i-don't-intent-to look. Stupid little thing. Don't you know what's MOM?!? x.x Must learn from ME! Dumb! x.x

Then Joey kept asking me to go to Chinatown to find Theo and Shiki. Damn DuLan. Who the fuck gave this idea? And 2nd day of New Year make me so sway to see jinx and stuffs. Then dulan, my busfare gotta last for a week, you know. Then went there less than 5mins those two said they wanna go DBG. Waste my time, fare and trip. I can go home and watch my 4.30 Channel 8's YiNanWang. Dumb!

Then after that I went Compass Point with Joey and Brendon. Compass is the best! Then slack at the normal place again and I went siao, too high. Then DuLan as Joey keep calling Theo and talk to him. Then Joey helped me type a break up message to Shiki and he can happily played his DDR for so long then call ack us said he is anything. He don't mind and stuffs. Waste my time and Joey's ppc cash. Then we broke up and I'm SINGLE RIGHT NOW!! IMMA SO DAMN HAPPY RIGHT NOW CAN?(:

I can really look at cute guys when I wanted to. And it's New Year, anythingy like this won't spoilt my HAPPY(and bored) MOOD!!(:

Then went home aroung 8plus. Joey sent a message to that guy and he reply alot of thingy and stuffs but I got one from Joey that is this: I feel everbody the same i already told you i lost my love and sadness to the one i love 2 year ago .

Then what for waste my time. HOHOHO!! Stupid. I at least smart please. I'm not the one who ask for stead. Stupid. HoHoHo!(:

Well, Joey went me wanna go out with her later or not.. I go update my friendster and tagged 1st!


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