by - 7:51 AM

This few days been so bored. And yep, alot of things happened. Great. Bad things alot and not really good things to say or talk about. And those people who intent to spent their life at my tagboard spamming, I care less much. I can't even use my computer everyday now. And even if I can, I've no freaking time to do so. I still think time is getting lesser and lesser. See now already what time? Going midnight, and I'm still awake, kicking and alive. Great! I'm suppose to go to bed after I print my SS homework, which I hate doing the most.. Printing and looking for pics. Great, my maths and Chinese I didn't even touch Chinese at all. Maths only done 2 qns. Great. I'm sure doomed tomorrow.

And just now my bio test was like damn wth can? I can't do that well and I think I sure can't score more than 60%, so I'm sure going for the remedial. Great! Lesser time now. And the teachers still say they will go on faster after CNY. I'm doomed. I can't really even cope right now let it be after CNY. Sure instant kill and death. LOL!

And tomorrow is Wednesday, my freaking hate-most day. Cause after school can't go home and sleep, gotta go for Choir and sing sing sing...... Haiis.. WHY?!?

And there are two idoits that keep on getting on my toes. They just keep not happy about me and mind you, they are older than most of us here. OMG! Can't they get a life? Oh well .. LOLS!

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