I Love You

by - 3:29 AM

Oh My God!
Was chatting with Charmaine on MSN about him. Charmaine used to dislike him like nuts, but after what she saw, she started in craze over him too. You don't know who am I talking about? Keep guessing then.

Charmaine is sure fast, she watched finish already. I'm totally in love with him, he's like the best guy ever. If can marry him, die also happy. Hahas! *slap* Must wake up!

Korean shows are touching, Korean bears are cute, Korean girls are pretty(although some under knife), Korean guys(esp HIM) are HOT!(:

Iljimae! I love you! LongEr~ He's mine! Aha! I'm so cute! xPP *puke* (thinks only Jeslyn get that joke)

Charmaine scared me, you know! She told me he died! And she said she cried. But in the end he didn't. Thanks, Charmaine. I can save my tears, although it's a sad story, but still I'll cry. I wanted to sue the person who kill him!! LOL!

Funny thing is that, Charmaine told me that the king in the end went crazy and stuffs. HOHOHO!!! Who tell you do bad things! xP

But saded, this story doesn't seems to have a love story. In the end, Charmaine said LongEr(QianEr) did not went to find HeCai or Chun Feng(ps, don't know their Korean names). Aiyo, that two girls in short. I wonder if I'm Iljimae, who I'll choose.. HeCai is from young both like each other already. But if I am him, I will choose .. JingWen!!! That's me!!(: HOHO!! okhays, just kidding!(:

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