Interesting Teachers ..

by - 12:35 AM

Finally I can use computer. But mother is still not quite happy as I can use. She went complaining to ErJie again. I think this time she will totally lock my computer limit time. My Mother is really a arse hole, that got nothing better to do then come nagging at me and complaining every single unhappy little things to ErJie making the life of this whole family sucks. It sucks because of her. If she can just wise up just a tiny little bits, I can be much happy.

Ok, back to the topic of school. School is a total fuck-ness, can? Sec 3 is really such a boredom and nothing seems to be fun this year. Missed out those fun time together with 2bagus. Hahas.

Well, I already know that Mrs Hwee is my 3A form teacher. Well there are some more interesting or boring teachers in town. I got Chen LiLi as my Chinese teacher. Well, she is quite good, only that I prefer Cai Lao Shi. Heehee! And well, Mrs Hwee is confirm my English teacher. She went to change our places. I got to sit with a block of wood. Kenneth is really .. well, I don't know. At least I got to sit with some ok-ok guy. Hahas!

I got Mr Tan as my history teacher. He's one cute teacher, can? And I got a nice teacher called Ms Teo to teach us Pure Bio but lesson is a bored and I slack and slept all the way. Got to study at home myself. All bio things have long forgotton..

And there's more teachers and more and more .. But will leave some for the next post then. See Ya!!

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