Long Stories,

by - 10:28 PM

Went to temple to 'eat table' at night. Hahas. Got alot of food to eat. Mum went up stage sang songs. LOL. Then eat eat eat then go home.. LOL. Didn't get any homeworks done and went to sleep already, cause next day got school.

Stayed back after school for Full Dress Rehearsal for Friday's CNY celebration. Super tired. Didn't bring red tee in the end cause lazy. And went home about 7pm and fall asleep till the next day morning and left a pile of homework didn't get them done again.

Stayed back after school to do maths homework, but did not finish at all. But was playing around and only get started around 5plus? LOL. But at least I finish one of my maths worksheet? Oo

Choir performance for CNY celebration. In the end, Ms Chang wanted us to wear school uniform to preform. But some people wore non school uniform stuffs and Ms Chang just don't let them perform. But that day is the day where some people pay money to wear uniform to school and she don't let them wear to perform even when they gave the money already? I see no sense in it. And Ms Chang just don't let Joey go on stage as Joey didn't wear school shoes. Whatever.

Went home to get change and went out with Joey to Haru to collect my Lenalee belt which finally comes. And Joey was like still calling my house, cause she was like waiting downstairs my house and she just very sturbbon, told her to wait for me at my void deck cause my mum don't allow her in my house or see her, she just hack care and went up and make me in the end kena nagged when I got home at night. Pissed off.

Then she again, hot day bath then go out not wrong right? She don't let me bath. And my mum said the first thing I got home. Must bath or you can't go out. So I bath. I don't care. And at least this time I bath fast. If I really heartless, I already spent a hour or more just only bathing and let her wait for me outside. And she just can't stop calling my house. WTF! I hate non stop things. Really. Non-stop nagging and stuffs. Only music. Hahas.

Then went to Compass to settle Joey's lunch. She should have go there alone and settle first and I got change and meet her. Save time. Don't know what she's thinking. And then went to Haru just to collect my belt and leave to DBG. Joey just can't stop calling her Harry as 'Hairy Dick'. Then we saw Fiona and SinYi. Then we intro Fiona to Gerard. Hahahas! But Fiona, your standard too high already. If Gerard is damn tall, I think he'll look kinda werid, right? LOL! Then they both left for movie, inkheart. I wanna watch that too!!! T.T

Eh Precious, wanna go watch inkheart? Lols.

Then talked with Gerard and Joey insisted to go off already and since she got dinner with family at night, then we left. Then sms-ed to Fiona and left together with them. Then we separted, I went with Joey. I wanted to eat something.. Cause later Joey having dinner, and I at home no dinner. And she just went on to places to shop in Compass that is so boring everyday go and no food!!! Then in the end went to Kopitam and it's so full. Wanted to eat Mee Sua, but no more already. Then don't wanna eat fried food. At least I didn't eaten any fried food yesterday, cause today my throat damn pain, totally no voice at all. Then in the end Joey called Din come and what the hell, we asked him to help us buy Jolly and he just don't want. Don't want then nevermind, I can still call other people to buy.

Then in the end, Joey gotta go and no one accompany me to eat dinner, so I skipped it. And I'm so damn pissed off and hungry. I hate to have nothing to eat and get very attitude for sure. But at least yesterday, my attitude wasn't that worst cause I see no dicks(:

Then Precious so nice, wanna come find me. But in the end never cause she eat dinner will take forever and I'll sure faint in Compass by the time she came. LOL!

Got dinner with family later. That's so great right? Anyways, later I'm so going to Compass again to buy Iljimae! Hahas! I love him!! He's so shuai can?!!!~~ (:

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