Stomp On You,

by - 10:53 PM

Give me a moment to copy my tagboard over first.
But most important of all, is that I'm changing my blog skin again. Hahas.
I'm sorry, but it's still black, hopefully.
This time I got my Precious to help me make blogskin again. Thankyoo girl!(:

Finally a day to complain about things and people again. Looking forward to this day.

That day, not long ago, I think is Wednesday. I was sitting in the MRT on my way home back from Chinatown. Mood was totally ruin by Joey and Brendon. Then I was damn tired too, so I fall into a deep sleep inside the train, where I was seated on the side which have two seats. I, not purposely, placed my POA and bag on the other seat. And what the fuck thing was that, this freaking woman, who love me so much, took a pic of me and my bag and stuffs. You think I purposely placed it there so that not to let you sit? Shoo off and get a life, nut-head. You're just a freaking peanut of my life that cracks. You intent to post it up on 'Stomp'? Then do it, who cares. LJS was stomped freaking how many times and people still go and eat there. You think your little stomp can affect me? Dream on!

I'm so gonna be more famous again.. Whatever. Like I give a damn about it. Stupid! LOL!

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