by - 12:54 AM

This few days didn't blog as I can't online. I can only blog on Sat and Sun. Too bad for both you and me. I decided to put back my tagboard tomorrow, since everyone is like asking me how to tag me when I don't have tagboard and they can't access to my private blog. So tomorrow you'll see my tagboard. Haha.

This few days, back to school, have been bad days. And it only turned better on weekends. I can't believe that I actually get pissed off and cry that easily nowadays. Maybe because of stress? I really hate Sec3. It really sucks.

Choir is another pissed off issue. I can't stand it! Really. Ms Cheng is such a -toot-. She just can't stop tracking people down. She called my house and chat with my mum and pengwei told me that my mum wanted me to go to Choir every lesson. But my mum said she didn't mention that. Wth! What's wrong with adults nowadays too?

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