"For every tears, there are a story behind it."

by - 11:15 PM

YiLin went back to school. Finally. Missed her. I watched finish my Ijimae already. And I just finally got all my Ijimae soundtracks collected! Yes! And I now on Chun Hyang and 恶作剧之吻. Lol. I know those shows are kinda old already. But 恶作剧之吻 I never seen before, so I just go watch. Since Joey is so kind to lent to me too. LOL! Chun Hyang, I watched before. That guy is damn hot! Just watched again cause I thought I might have skipped or forget some Eps. LOL! Later paste some of that hot guy pics here(: Li Meng Long! Wo Ai Ni! Wait! He don't understand Chinese right? Oh .. Harang Hae Yo Li Meng Long! Lols!

Jae Hee (재희) That's his real name o.o AWWWW~! But I prefer his look in this show only(: Cause I think this hair is nice for him. Make him look really like 17 or 18!!! OMG!! CUTE! Everytime he smiles at Chun Hyang in the show is damn cute! Make me yell everytime! OMG!

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