Hell Out Of Bored

by - 6:28 AM

I'm kinda lazy to go out nowadays. Trying to stay at home as possible. I think this is like as worst as L.A, but now is not the time for L.A. Just think if L.A is even worst can? I feel super tired every now and then. But then, if you people asked me out too, I wouldn't mind going too. Just that, do organize some outings to a place which has more fun and entertainment instead. TYVM. I just can't stand window-shopping and walking around without buying anything which everything is super expensive. And yes, boys. They just can't stand girls shopping 'round, don't they? {:

It's 10.43PM now. I'm kinda getting more tired to worst. Jie's bf come over and helped her mark papers. Suddenly feel like eating potato chips. But mum sure wouldn't like me to touch them and they're so fattening.

I feel like going out with some unknown people and make new friends. Kinda love doing that ever since starting bonding sessions with some cosplayers. Of cause, must get a hair cut and a better hair. I wanna try layer my hair abit to stop it being so thick. And trying to save money to get extensions again. Love extensions, dude.

Yup, and as previous post as said, I kinda got some drawing to scan into my computer, but it's been ages since I do so. Try tomorrow then{:

Is there any good Taiwan dramas out there? I'm totally bored by 'Rolling Love'. How shit boring can this get? Maybe because I can't stand that step cute Genie or whatever her name is.

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