Lady Luck, are you with me?

by - 11:59 PM


I'm so over with my Lenalee's hairstyle already. Omg! Hahas. Went to HougangMall, actually only intent to acconpany Fionna to buy her bomb. Then in the end went to have my hair cut too. Then Joey was like telling the 'aunti' to cut more, cut more. I totally have alot of 'hair lost'. Hahas. Then two guys came into the shop and lalalas~ Well, after I got my hair cut and Joey's too. We left the shop which I think Joey have abit of regret? Then I like said to them, you wanna that guy's number? I helped you take. Hahas. Then I took Joey's phone go in. Must thank me lots siols. I was like total straightforward and asked that guy for number!! HAHAHA!! But then who cares.

Oh sucks! My prepaid no money, so can't sms!! Stupid prepaid!!! (:

Still taken alot more pics , but I don't like flooding my blog with my zilian(:

p/s Didn't went for Choir, oh sad. Went to have hait cut instead ^^


Oh YESH! Don't have History Remedial, but still I stayed out so late too..


Went to Tamp with Joey, Fionna and Brendon. Got my Sky Of Love book too ^^

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