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Wanyi: Thanks!
wy: :D
Nona: Nee-San, you asked me to put your face there mah x.x
Nona: But you got the idea now(:
wy: online le(:
ragster: Thanks for the information, but of cause I know that, duh. I prefer to called it lolita. If you don't like me calling it as lolita, then don't look at it(: cause many of friends called it a lolita too. It just a suibian to me. My friends called it so if I change it, they don't know. So I rather stick to it, and although I know what's called.
passerbyeeee: OMG! Wow, it's good to know you're still alive. Well, that's for me to see and for my friends to look at. Not for you. If you bound to think that I put there for you to see cause you're my 'very good friend', I think you better get alife and move on. Spamming people's blog w/o your name is just wasting your own time. I won't even bother. I can just block you, right?
passerbyeeee: Cool, if you burns your eyes blind then tell me. If not, save your breath then.
?? : Stupidilty is a word for you. I didn't even cosplay MisaMisa and you said your eyes hurts, mean that your eyes are hurt because of what passerbyeeee said? TYVM then(:
?? : Yes, good. You shouldn't. Cause nobody asked you to, dog(:
- : Yar, agreed with that.

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