by - 1:50 AM

Today didn't went to school. Super bored at home. Great! Was mum's account. Not bad ah? Today Joey didn't come to school too. I bet teachers and many people will think that we pon-ed school together. But hello? Will I? Hahas!

Anyways, many thanks to those people who care to ask about me and those who thought I'm not sick, I won't be bother by them.

Really, I hate this type of irritating weather.

And I heard that I got 15/35 for my P.O.A class test. Oh great, I already have good feeling aout this test. Well, it's seems that I'm doomed to be in Mdm Shirin's class. I can't even understand what was trying to she when she was teaching us Balance Sheet. I already tried my best. So, who cares? P.O.A DO SUCKS!

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