Stress No More

by - 5:43 AM

Omg! I can't believe it. Really.

I passed my SS and history Common Test which I didn't even study and don't even bother at all. SS just passed by 2marks. Lucky, isn't it? Was doodling in Chinese lesson yesterday and draw some crappish stuffs. Today got Chinese class again. And guess what? I didn't do ChenLiLi's homework and she threw me out the class.. again. Who cares. This is totally too fun. Was slacking and chit-chatting outside the classroom with friends. ChenLiLi's way of teaching totally not suit me. I declare for a transfer! Stupid Chinese class in which we are force to learn some fucking craps that don't even make use of in my life.

Stayed back in school today with Jeslyn, Brendon and Donovan. Went trying to find SKL, stupid P.O.A teacher which is damn irritating and fuck toot jiaobin to get my result. Stupid kork eye, ba qiu piak with stamps, didn't even mark my last page and resubmit to her and she jitao just say I cheat add on when I haven't finish. Fuck off, bitch. Your brain is full with incorrigible stuffs.

Then went slack at canteen. And went CompassPoint to slack 'round here and there. Using my mum's account to use computer again.

Was suppose to meet Brendon to go Causeway Point. But kinda lazy to go out. So dua him{: Opps!

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