by - 12:24 AM


I am currently 15 ! Can? Happy? HAHA! I love 15! Just one more year and I'll be able to go NC16 movie! Why am I so happy about this? o.o HAHA!

Well, that day was one word, BORING. I went out with my family to Clarke Quay to eat Wakaru. It was super nice! I eat alot that day. Totally a fat ass can? HAHA! I'm fat, but some people just say I'm skinny. Will take that as a compliment, thanks!

Didn't get to take any photo of the food as I was too hungry can? I didn't even eat breakfast. And last night drink too. Oh, but I'm not drunk! Yeah man! So little only, drunk? I paiseh if I really got drunk. Joey was like keep asking me don't drink ):


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