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Hey people, kinda back again. Tell you what? I'm really in a deep shit alrights? Why? Cause holiday homeworks haven't done any yet. And is P.O.A , Chem, Phy, Bio. Great right? Oh! There's maths too. And I think I've lost the stupid worksheet! Darn arse! People keep talking to me in MSN, so irritating. Only some are still okie. Da Jie is talking craps to me again. Winona is online, WOW! Donovan is another step cute one. Asked him how to do P.O.A, step one goon tell me he don't know how to do. Tomorrow, I'm sure going to kick his balls. And my keyboard is totally lagging, I don't know why!!!!

Oh, I decided.. to reply my replies in the board instead as I don't wanna waste my time.. Hahas! And yep! My karma increase! More please! I've been trying to find excuses to online everyday. So, Plurk.. do increase!! PLEASE! I BEG YOU! LOL!

And yes! Fionna promised to help me P.O.A! P.O.A got light! I can see the light!!! YES! Chem and Phy I'm all alone.. I gotta hand in Chem tomorrow and Indra's class tomorrow too.. DIE! And I gotta find that stupid MATHS WORKSHEET! FUCK OFF!!!

YiWan is offline liao..

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