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Let's just be it you had asked me, how's my AdamKhoo's workshop? Well, it's just .. SUPER! I can even start my own workshop. They're just telling us how hard can life be and if we don't work hard, we don't get pay. Life is just a cycle of working non stop, don't you think? Although it's a little waste of money, at least I learn something from it, right?
Pamela and Candice are both very nice and fun person. Amos is cool, he can go apply at Mediacorp as DJ already. Great and interesting right?
Wait, let me go out and have my jolly first!

Ho! Ahem, where was I? Yup, and what did I learn? Well, in fact I learn alot about being resilience and how an attitude of a resilient person should be and aim for goals that are nearly imposible and what to say to myself every morning I wake up.
And this is what I said: "I'm the best and the most SHUAI-EST girl ever!" Although I only said it once, as the fact that nearly everyday I woke up eyes pain or sleepy eyes that I can't even see myself properly infornt of the mirror.
And yes, continue, I also learn that in fact how words can hurt you or cheer you up and so on.. Yup, those empowering words and disempowering words!
And yes, what is success and failures means to us! And they showed us some famous people like J.K Rowling and Tom Cruise which he was actually a geek when he was young. Can you believe it? Hahas. A geek can totally cool and earning so much right now?

And Candice made us draw some drawing of what beliefs and positive thinking and studies can lend us to. And an Ultimate Success Formula too!
And one more thing that's important, what I learn about.. Relationship! They taught us to wait for the right one to come and not to just jump into a relationship like a .. despo! Haha! And they also tells us how to look at guy, see if he will be nice to you in the future(:
And there's a take and give for both parties in a relationship, which I totally agreed on. And LOVE IS A COMMITMENT, NOT AN ENTERTAINMENT! - By Vidya(:

And they told us about their life story too.

And they showed us videos too. That video clip, I could see that just a photoshoot can turn a normal looking lady into a chiobu. Poor models seriously, putting so much makeup on the face will ruin her complexion

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