Funny wasn't it? Laugh all you want then, evil .

by - 7:08 PM

Alrights, finally it's break time! Till 10.20am only I guess.. Charmaine asked me to go down.. I refused. So I'm alone in this stupid changed venue Computer Lab1.. 3 is definitely way better..

I'm so bored and.. I don't know? Feel hungry but force myself not to eat and stay here for my life till 12noon.. What was I thinking? It's too late for me to go down and eat already.. so.. who cares about it anyways? Skipped my dinner yesterday cause I puked and don't feel like eating.. Mom was forcing me to eat yesterday till I got fed up and went to bed.. Sms-edd with Ji Zong, Yi Wan, Donovan and that's all? I don't know .. In the end.. replies are so short or bored and Zi Jong went to bed and Yi Wan's was still okhays. Still feel little unwell and my face turn pale, totally. I looked like I lost all my blood or something?

Why did I puke? No, it's not because I've a 2months baby foetus or what.. I am kinda not very sure why I puke at the very first place.. I remembered that I was..

Yup, in KFC.. with Jeslyn, Brendon, Chin Yong and Donovan.. Jeslyn was making Chin Yong's fries turning into pink colour.. I will never ever like to eat pink porky, ever again.. Then she mixed about of things together and using fork, she played with it happily, but not very safe as the food was flying everywhere.. Oh, that's not called food already. And I already feel very disgusted. And just keep looking away from the food. Jeslyn held the food in front of my face. Damn it! I scared she would drop it onto me, my jacket, hand phone or bag.. Then I moved her hand away.

I was eating the 'piak thingy' and she was destroying it.. By now I still feel abit wanting to throw up still. But at least my overall looked perfectly normal. Then I stopped eating and went to drink coke. And Jeslyn by that time was playing with Chin Yong's food and we all were laughing at them.

I drank another mouth of coke.. Then I feel like coughing.. So I cough ;D And guess what? I coughed and threw up. HAHA! Crazy me, still can laugh about it.. But thinking it back.. It's a bad experience.

By now, some of the guys are back..

Fine then.. Then I went home with Jeslyn and by now I already puke 2 times and by the time I reached home, I threw up again. :D


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