Looking into tired eyes

by - 8:56 AM

AHA! I'm back! Just make finish YiWan's blog! ♥
She went offline already. Oh well~ HAHA
I'm talking to Da Jie now on MSN. Mum wants me out of the room and into my bed?

Oh wells~ March holidays has long ended and I haven't even rested enough yet, my lord! It's officially cancel willya? Quit asking me out as I haven't even done my P.O.A homework )':
Little help here? ;D

Still going for choir tomorrow(like do I have a choice?) Mdm Sherin is a freako ;D She thinks I'm a bad kiddo. Which in fact she got it all wrong! I'm so guai can? Ms Chang was surprise that she found out that I am in 3A last night! Cool right? I don't have a 3A look?(:

What do I have? A 3D face look, duh! I mean.. I don't looked like as if I'm a smart kiddo, at least don't throw me into some suspension girl willya? ;D

My sister was like asking me to go study accounting too. Like shit me! I hate P.O.A! Accounting? Debit? Credit? No thanks, no way dude! That's not my cup of tea ^^ I just wanna grow up and be a boss^^ Loan Sharks? Nah. ;D I wanna be rich~ LOL!

Telling my sister about not being scared and shit green shit and goes with the flow~~ I like this phrase man! Goes with the flow dude ^^


That's all! I'm so tired can? Tomorrow got CHOIR!!! Mdm Sherin is so gonna ask me why I today zhao from Choir didn't go back. I got all my reasons and excuses ready for battle then ;D


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