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Yoyoh! ;D This is JingWen JingWen!! I'm going to DBG later! Of cause, I'm too bored and tired. Yesterday reached home around 10.30PM from Bugis. Cause dismissed at 4.30PM, then went to National Library with Winona, Hanatarou, Donovan, Joey and Brendon. Then Winona and Shahid went home first at around 6PM.

Then Brendon then wanted to go home, so he went don't know where.. Then we borrowed some books and we forced Donovan to borrow a book called the Arts Of Kissing! HaHAHAHA!

Then we get out of the Library and saw Brendon sitting down there waiting for us. LOL! Then we thought he was angry with us for taking such a long time in there. So we tried to make him happy.

Then he walked off. And we followed. Then we lost track of him at Bugis Junction. Then after awhile, he sent a sms to us saying that if we can find him, we will be friends or not.. ;D At first it was damn fun! But we found him already, he just not happy and he tried to run away again and again and the last time, he pulled Donovan too. I just wanna take neoprints then he kept on playing this stupid little prank thingy game. Got me damn irritated and pissed off. HA! Then I angry with him and Donovan for a little while. Till later when they all, including Joey, tried to make me laugh. You know.. I can be easily be happy and laugh at all kinds of stupid things. Ha!

Then after that was already 7PM.. then we went to take neoprints which we took 2times and ... wait wait wait.. Prince wanted to say something before he go ... somewhere... :D

Prince here. It's been a long time since I've talked here so today would be the perfect day to talk since I'm with JW. I'm leaving soon for an important and urgent mission (yeah right), so I'll disappear soon. -.- Ask JW to STOP SLAPPING ME. Oh yeah, and watch/read Hetalia if you can, I need to find out more about that show/manga. Bye bitches~

Ok, back to me! JW! .. As I was saying.. Then after that we took neoprints till 9.20PM plus.. Fine.. Wait.. I gotta go.. Fionna is asking me to leave already.. Seeya! If can I try go upload the neos for you all to see ^^


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