Mind your attitude, girl .

by - 6:59 AM

Oh! I found out that her name was Shirin not Sherin! LOL! Whatever~

Well.. So here's the story..

Just like a normal typical class test whereby I didn't notice that Winona leave her P.O.A textbook under my desk and I just happily do my test till not even halfway through the stupid test..

She stared at me and she flipped the pages of the textbook under desk and that's when I know Winona leave it there and she said this, I will remember this for life. She's the only teacher who said this to me all my life. She said, : ''This is a test, mind you.'' Like what the fuck did I even do at all can? Stupid! Then after 5mins, she walked one round and came back to my desk and stand in a nice fengshui displacement place and looked at me from behind. And normally, I personaly hate teachers or whoever standing behind and looked at me doing work or test. Whatever it is, I pause and let her stared at my paper for like 10mins?!? And she leave happily and I daydreamed and wasted 10mins of my FUCKING LIFE TIME AND TEST by her nonsense craps. What a dog!

Well, I think I fail this normal class test.. Who knows? :D

Today have Choir, and it's Mdm Shirin on her job again. I rather Chang then Shirin, really. She came and go, came and go and looked at me as I was standing at the back. Nonsense! Then I forced myself to sing and got myself into deep shit as I soon going to lost my voice already. Then reached home so tired. Actually don't really intent to go for Choir today, but I felt so guilty halfway and I don't know why, I just went :D

Got home quite late already and I rest my eyes awhile but it's still very tired and I like no time to sleep. Ate just now and went to use computer right away. Plurk.com is getting more ... You know... I demand my karma rights?

Right now, chatting on MSN, plurking and blogging. I haven't really done my bio homework at all despite Ding Chao asked me to do. Ha! So sorry.. But I'm just so .. tired! You know? LOL!

I'm so tired.. I think I'm dying.. O:

Wait.. there's more!

I got my results already, and guess what? I got ...

English - B3
Chinese - A2
Emaths - 59%
P.O.A - FAILED! (46/100)
Chem - A2
Phy - F9
(But chem and phy are together, so I got C6!)
Hist - B3
SS - C5
(Together is.. B4!)
Pure Bio - C5

*Sorry, grades are shown only*

Haha! My result! I hate it! Cause I'm just simply way too smart already can? :D

And today Mr Indra's lesson, I finally understand at least something! LOL! And Indra said this super LOL thing! Bryan got periods :D! Yeah! So from this I can infer that Bryan is a sister! LOL!

I got presents from Mrs Hwee herself and from the whole 3A class which mine was the most expensive one and I felt so guilty cause Ding Chao paid more the over cash ): *guilty mode*

But I don't know why.. this few days will suddenlty feel so guilty even the smaller things like not going Choir which last time was like heck care to me, I also feel so guilty.. Something must be wrong with me? Or I have grown up? :D

Yeah! And I got.. a name handphone chain which my name is on it, duh! 'ANGElUS', does this looked funny to you? LOL! Cute! Ding Chao is no wonder a guai ka! ;D Yeah! *twist* ^^

OMG! I'm so tired! I don't care about bio already, I just wanna go wash my face and go sleep already! Seeya~ ^^

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