New Inspirations

by - 12:02 AM

OMG! I suddenly in class feel like cosplaying Amu. Well.. although my skin colour is darker than her abit.. Well try not to piak and take care of my skin and if really by that day still cannot.. I'll paint myself whiter! HAHA! I'm thinking of cosplaying her in uniform. And see .. maybe finding someone to cosplay with me.. But still .. I'll try not to piak! All the best! And this time I'll be more clever.. I won't cosplay till I got all my things ready. Learning from Lenalee.. This time I'll be better! And Amu is at first very quiet one .. Just like me! And if I know that person well, I'll talk more ^^ But still.. Hopeful, I won't change character again.. But then.. Well, it's hard to find a character that suit you.. Will continue to watch ShugoChara to see if she suit me or not^^

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